The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management, a professional discipline that protects physical, financial and human resources. Founded in 1950, RIMS represents nearly 3,900 industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable, and governmental entities. The Society serves 9,600 risk management professionals around the world.

The mission of RIMS is to serve its members by proactively providing the highest quality products, services and information to manage risk effectively.

What does RIMS Provide?

  • Membership- RIMS membership is the cornerstone of the Society. In regular meetings, risk managers exchange ideas and engage in networking with other local companies and industry counterparts. RIMS chapters are the setting for educational, social and civic activities. Chapters also team-up to sponsor Regional RIMS Conferences, which further extend networking and educational opportunities. RIMS membership facilitates contact with a broad array of service providers in the risk management and insurance industry, as well as academicians, regulators, elected officials, industry specialists and technicians.
  • Conferences- The RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition, widely recognized as the definitive risk management and insurance event, is the largest gathering of risk managers and insurance professionals in the world. Annually about ten thousand participants, including over 400 exhibitors, tackle the issues facing the industry. RIMS members receive a substantial discount.
  • Professional Development- RIMS conducts interactive workshops and public seminars on critical aspects of risk management and insurance for risk professionals and others involved in managing risk. These educational sessions are held throughout the U.S. and Canada. Onsite programs are also implemented upon request for the training of staff of a specific company. RIMS also conducts workshops that earn attendees credit towards the RIMS Fellow designation, the premier designation for risk professionals. The Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc., awards annual scholarships to full-time risk management students and educational grants to others.
  • Publications- The Society publishes the monthly Risk Management magazine; the bi-monthly RIMSCOPE online newsletter; an online Risk Management Buyers Guide; the online RIMS Benchmark Survey; and a variety of books and monographs including Certificates of Insurance, Selecting & Working With a Broker, The RIMS Risk Management Glossary and Risk Management Best Practices.
  • Quality Improvement Process- RIMS Quality Improvement Process (QIP) is a comprehensive program designed to guide and facilitate quality improvement. One component of the process is the QIP Guidelines for Performance Expectations. Risk managers and their industry partners can use these guidelines to improve communications, develop performance expectations agreements, and evaluate the performance under those agreements. The Broker and Risk Manager Partnership Tool has also been implemented to facilitate the creation of a performance expectation agreement.
  • Technology- The RIMS Web site at includes innovative tools such as RiskWire – a customized risk management news service, – the premier risk management search engine, a Job Bank Service and a searchable Risk Professionals Directory.
  • Government Affairs- RIMS monitors federal, state and provincial regulation and legislation affecting risk management and employee benefits. RIMS also maintains contacts with legislators and regulatory agencies to make sure the voice of the RIMS membership is heard. The Society actively led support for the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) and works tirelessly to secure meaningful tort reform legislation.

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