Council Services Plus can provide low cost training to your nonprofit. Whether it’s presenting to a gathering of local nonprofits interested in getting insurance information or if it’s presenting a workshop at your annual conference, CS Plus can provide these PowerPoint presentations to suit your needs. Here are some examples of the types of workshops we have done. Keep in mind that we can always tailor a presentation to the topic or the timeframe that you need.

Workshops are typically two to three hours in length, but can be shortened if needed. The cost for presentations is $85/hr. for the actual training and $40/hr. for travel to and from the event. CS Plus provides all technology, materials and handouts for the workshops.


Insurance Secrets for Nonprofits 
Two hour session about different types of liability insurance that small non-profits need to know about.  From general liability coverage to insurance for volunteers and special events to certificates of insurance are covered. Also, tips on shopping your insurance by working with your broker or insurance professional and insights on how it is priced, coverage and premiums.

Secrets of Employee Benefits 
Topics covered are statutory benefits, standard benefits, voluntary benefits, cafeteria and section 125 plans and consumer directed healthcare.  Includes overviews of workers compensation, disability, unemployment, health/dental insurance, group term life and retirement.

Risk Management Series 
Topics include current insurance market, specialty markets, requests for proposals, current risk management evaluation & techniques, insurance program information and selecting brokers.

Creative Employee Benefits
Presentation covers topics included in UI/EE Benefits session plus more in depth discussion of administration of health plans, Cobra, HIPAA and FMLA, retirement plan types, administration and compliance, group term life, short-term, long-term disability, section 125, POP plans, FSA and other employee issues.

Insurance Basics
This 3 hour workshop teaches the basics of statutory coverage, liability coverage and employee benefits. Statutory coverage includes NYS disability, unemployment and worker’s compensation.  Liability coverage includes GL, D&O, commercial auto, professional, employee benefits and umbrella policies.  Also discussed, further details regarding health, dental, retirement, life and supplemental disability, section 125 and cafeteria plans.

Taking Your Insurance Out to Bid
Exploration of the current insurance market and specialty markets for non-profit insurance.  A detailed discussion of topics include requesting insurance proposals, evaluating your current risk management program, selecting brokers and insurers, coverage information requests, evaluating proposals, and implementing new insurance programs.

Consumer Driven Healthcare
This presentation covers High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP’s), Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA’s) and IRS Sections 125 Plans, including Cafeteria Plans and Flexible Spending Accounts. Participants will be given a basic understanding of these terms and will gain a better understanding so they can determine if any of these plans are right for them or their organization.

Workers Compensation Update
On March 13, 2007 Governor Spitzer signed into legislation the 2007 Workers Compensation Benefit Increase & Reform Bill. This landmark accord is designed to increase benefits to claimants and lower employers premium cost by 10-15%.
This session will give an overview of the changes and what they mean to your agency. Topics covered will include:

  • Benefit Rate Increases
    • Caps on Permanent Partial Disability Indemnity Benefits
    • Containment of Medical Cost
    • Special Disability Fund
    • Settlements
    • Sanctions and Penalties

Participants will also be given tips on workplace safety and how to reduce the occurrence of workplace accidents or the severity of them. Proper communication and policy placement can make your agency more effective in saving workers comp dollars.


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